When you order something with Amazon it is sometimes hard to find the complete article number . This site converts the ASIN (Amazon Standard Item Number) into the EAN/UPC and shows all product details. You can find the ASIN of every Amazon article in the product details.

The Technology Behind the Amazon ASIN to UPC Convertor
We developed our system to promote efficiency and productivity, and our customers believe that we have achieved this goal. When you upload your ASIN information to our conversion tool, it is entered into Amazon API database, which then communicates the corresponding XML data to our system. We then translate this information into so you can view their results online.

Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) are unique blocks of 10 letters and/or numbers that identify items. You can find the ASIN on the item's product information page at For books, the ASIN is the same as the ISBN number, but for all other products a new ASIN is created when the item is uploaded to our catalogue. You will find an item's ASIN on the product detail page alongside further details relating to the item, which may include information such as size, number of pages (if it's a book) or number of discs (if it's a CD).

Universal Product Code (UPC) is a 12-digit bar code used extensively for retail packaging in United States.